TripMode for mac – easy bandwidth control

Not just to save your 4G data bundle, but also great to squeeze the most out of a crappy Wi-Fi hotspot when abroad (or on the ‘Wi-Fi in de Trein’ in NL). By blocking large background transfers like CrashPlan, Box and Google Drive, the limited bandwidth is all available for your foreground tasks!

TripMode Mac manage app data usage

Will AI be a nice God?

This blog is a must read for anyone interested in technology and innovation.

“Creating the technology to reverse human aging, curing disease and hunger and even mortality, reprogramming the weather to protect the future of life on Earth—all suddenly possible. Also possible is the immediate end of all life on Earth. As far as we’re concerned, if an ASI comes to being, there is now an omnipotent God on Earth—and the all-important question for us is:

Will it be a nice God?”

Part 1 of 2: “The Road to Superintelligence”. Artificial Intelligence — the topic everyone in the world should be talking about.

Source: The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 1 – Wait But Why